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How to Access Assignments via Gmail & Google Classroom - by Mrs. Ader

September 02, 2020

How to Access Your Assignments Sent Via Gmail + Teacherease




  • I email students every morning and provide them with a rundown of the day’s events/expectations. Any assignments and due dates will be mentioned in these daily emails. If students are staying on top of their assignments, they should never have to “hunt” for their English 2 assessments. 

  • Most of the time, assignments are due by the end of the day (unless otherwise noted in Teacherease). If I have not received an assignment by the due date, it will be marked MISSING. 

  • If I do not have the assignment by the day after it’s been marked MISSING, I will generally enter a zero. If there were extenuating circumstances and a student would like to submit an assignment that has been marked with a zero, that’s fine. The student just needs to reach out to me via Gmail and let me know his/her intentions to submit the late work. I will remove the zero as soon as I receive the missing assignment(s). 




Why is my teacher sending the assignment via Gmail?


  • Assignments are sent to students’ school Gmail if they are lengthier and/or require numerous resources/links, or if they require student collaboration. Assignment instructions will clearly state whether or not collaboration is permitted.


How do I handle an assignment sent to me via Gmail?


All assignments sent to students on a Google doc are View Only, meaning that students can view them but cannot alter or edit them. If students are expected to type on the document to add answers, they must first Make a Copy. 

To Make a Copy:

  • Once you have opened the Google doc, look at the top left portion of your screen. You should see a blue “paper” icon next to the title of the document (right above a set of arrows that point downward). 

  • Right next to this blue icon, you will see the word: FILE. Click on “File” and choose “Make a Copy” from the drop-down menu. It is the fourth option on the menu. 

  • Now you have a copy of the document that you can edit / type on. 

  • Address the questions on the document. You do not have to click on any “Save” buttons on Google docs. Everything saves automatically. 

  • When you have finished the assignment, click the blue rectangle at the top of the screen that says “SHARE.” 

  • When the dialogue box opens, the top line will give you the option to add email addresses. Type in my email address: bader@mcusd1.net

  • Once you have finished adding the address, Click “Send.” I should get it. :-)




Why is my teacher sending the assignment via Teacherease?


  • Assignments are sent to students in Teacherease if they are shorter and more self-explanatory.  


How do I handle an assignment sent to me via Teacherease?


  • First, click on the green icon on the left hand side of your MAIN page in Teacherease that says: ASSIGNMENTS. 

  • On this page, you will see a list of assignments under the heading “Work to Do.” These are the assignments that you have not yet finished. 

  • If you do not see an assignment listed in this column, there is a good chance that the assignment is “old” (past the due date). Only CURRENT assignments are listed under “Work to Do.” 

  • To access previous assignments, click on the little calendar icon right next to today's date (top left of the screen under the word ASSIGNMENTS. Then, click on the missing assignment’s DUE DATE. The assignment should come up for you. NOTE: You may need to email your instructor for the due date if you are not sure what it is. 

  • NOTE: I generally only use Online Documents and Quiz features on Teacherease. I have included instructions for both below.


If the assignment is in the form of an ONLINE DOCUMENT


  • Click “View” to View any attachments the teacher may have included to help you complete the assignment.

  • Click “Work” to begin working on the assignment. 

  • Generally, the instructions will be on the top of the page and a blank space (located right beneath a strip of icons that allow students to choose font, bold, italics, etc) will be toward the bottom. Students should type their responses in this blank space. 

  • If students wish to stop working for a bit, but return later to work more, they should clock on “Work More Later.”

  • If students are finished and wish to hand in the assignment, they should click “Hand It In.”


If the assignment is in the form of an ONLINE QUIZ


  • Click “Start.” This will take the student to a page that describes the quiz and provides information about the number of questions and any time limits that might be in effect. 

  • Then, students should click “Start” again (bottom left of the page) to actually start the quiz. Each question will come up one at a time. When a student has selected an answer, he/she should click on: Save and Continue. The next question will appear after they hit the Save button.

  • When students are finished and wish to hand in the quiz, they should click “Hand It In.


***If a student has questions about any assignment, he/she should email me before 10:30am (Monday thru Friday) and request a meeting. At 11am, the student will receive a Google Meets invitation via Gmail. Just open the email to connect with me face-to-face. Meetings generally last about 10- 15 minutes, but can last longer, if needed. 


I encourage all students to ask questions if they are confused by an assignment!


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