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Remote Learning Information

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Remote Learning Assistance and Guidance

August 31, 2020

MCHS Remote Learning Assistance and Guidance

It is our primary job to assist students and families as best as possible whether we are in Full Remote Learning days, In-Person, or a combination of both.  To make it easier for all families, we have implemented a few steps to ensure this is successful for HS students. 

MCHS Youtube


Please visit the MCHS News and Updates Page for more information.

Link ->  "News and Updates"



Starting on Monday, 8/31/20, (between 6am-11:59pm daily) all MCHS and MJH students will need to do their ATTENDANCE each day through Teachereasewww.teacherease.com.

Students will log in with their accounts and get a window that pops up asking them to verify their attendance.  Students sign-in and they will receive verification.

Here is a video showing what it looks like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DB2HMTjOqdU

Please direct your attendance questions to Mrs. Marcotte (email)


Teacher Work Hours: 

Teachers are available throughout the day via email.  Typically, 8-3pm (see the attachment for more information) during our students' assigned class times.  We ask students to be in class and/or attend their teacher's sessions.  In the end, your child's grade is their responsibility.  Our teachers are available during the day.  Students who do not have good reason for missing class will not be given preferential treatment for not doing so.  All teachers have email and can be contacted via Teacherease/Common Goal.  is a good window of contact for them, although most will still respond to you if you send them an email though outside of that time frame.  

Teacher Work Hours - Will be live soon

Teacher Schedule and Method of Delivery - Will be live soon


Next, students should check their Google Classrooms, emails, and/or Teacherease for assignments.  Most teachers will have assigned items for the day and/or number of days, but they will be available during the designated time (unless they have told you specifically different).  It is our plan to try and maintain as much consistency as possible during our time our of class so it will be an "easier" transition once we return.

Lastly, homework for students needing to pick it up is located in front of the school day or night.  See the photo if you have any questions.  It will be there once a teacher places it there.  Typically on Mondays.  Please check with teachers before coming to the school to pick up items.  Thank you.  

Information for Families about Teacherease


Teachers may use a program called Zoom during Remote Learning Days for their classes.  Students would attend an online class with their peers using audio and/or video in an entire class format.  Please see the following documents for more information about Zoom and MCUSD1's stance on it's use in our district.  (Students will not create accounts.  They will click the links provided to them via email by the teachers.  No accounts are needed for students.)

Please click the following link for more information about Zoom ->  What is Zoom?

MCUSD1 Zoom Privacy Disclosure

Zoom Privacy Disclosure

Assignment Locations/Teacher Contact:  Teachers have posted assignments for students in different ways.  Please see the list below to see how your child's teacher has shared and posted assignments.  These assignments have been posted online for Remote Learning purposes. 

  • Hard copies:  We have identified a few students who need hard copies of items due to a number of reasons.  These copies are available for pick up in front of the HS.  Please contact your teachers if you are trying to pick up something unique.  Typically, teachers will put these items out.  You only have to make sure you pick them up.  Thank you in advance for doing so!


1. First, please reach out to the teacher.

2. If you are not getting a response, please send an email to them with Mr. Graham.Mr. rounds cc:ed.  This way, we can make sure your questions are reaching their destinations. 

3.  Please do not hesitate to contact the office or send Mr. Rounds/Mr. Graham an email if you have further concerns.  Thank you.

Information locations:

We use presently use Facebook, School Messenger (texts), our Marquee, and/or Teacherease to notify families throughout the school year. 


Mr. Graham

MCHS Principal



Please visit the MCHS News and Updates Page for more information about potential questions covering END OF YEAR items/activities, etc..

 "News and Updates"



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