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Mr. Matt Graham - Principal

Years of experience in the Momence School District: 2 yrs

Years of teaching experience: 6 1/2 yrs

Years of administration: 1 year as a dean of students, 12 yrs as principal

High School:

  • Champaign Centennial HS - 9th, 10th (1st semester)
  • Hustonville HS - 10th (2nd semester)
  • Grayville HS - 11th, 12th 


  • Illinois Central College - Associates 
  • Eastern Illinois University - BA/MA

I am extremely thankful to serve the students, parents, staff, and community at Momence CUSD #1 in Momence, IL.  I do not take my role as the high school principal lightly.  It is my responsibility to encourage and foster student success.  

I will:

    ...be the "personal" cheerleader/coach for our students who is always finding unique ways to motivate them daily.  

    ...always challenge my students to do their very best, never settle for second place, but never lose sight of being a team player.  

    ...provide each student with the "tools" that he or she needs to be successful parents, spouses, and community members.    

    ...continue to promote the importance of students chasing after their dreams, but having a backup plan just in case. 

    ...continue to support our students' willingness to take chances even if they occasionally FAIL.  This will only make them stronger if they learn from it.

    ...continue to instill in our students that they need to be a part of something successful through the school.

Working in the Education Field is a "Family Tradition."  

Whether we taught or not, we saw the value in attending college and gaining an education.  It gave us "something" to fall back on in life if for some reason our true passion didn't work out or our life changed. 

  • My father (Steve) is a retired superintendent.  He began his career as an Ag/Industrial Arts Teacher/Shop Teacher.  He started the first "Ag Days" at his school. He attended Southern Illinois University - Carbondale, Eastern Illinois University, and Western Illinois University.     
  • My mother (Patti) teaches high school math.  She has her masters.  She is also certified in curriculum.  
  • My step-mom (Sandy) is a retired math teacher with her national board certification.  She has her masters.  
  • My uncle (Andrew) teaches high school chemistry, physics, and STEM.  He has his masters.
  • My uncle (Mark) is retired from teaching the GED program in a Correctional Facility.
  • My grandmother (Ruth) worked in a school as a paraprofessional before they even called someone that name.
  • My wife (Jen) is a paraprofessional in a neighboring district.  She has a degree in business administration from Eastern Illinois University.  


  • I have 2 sisters and a brother.

Fun Facts:

  • I played rugby at Eastern Illinois University.  I lost a tooth in a game.
  • I enjoyed baseball and basketball growing up.
  • I enjoy technology and building systems. 
  • I once owned a 1967 Ford Mustang.
  • I enjoy being with friends and family.  
  • I love to do home visits and "team" with parents.  Please let me know if I need to bring a dish to share for dinner. 

ext. 4020

Phone: [815-472-6477] Email:

Momence Community High School

101 North Franklin St.

Momence, IL 60954