Graphic says "The one"  a community engagement initiative of Momence CUSD #1

Momence CUSD #1 began an initiative to put our classrooms and programs on display in every district home. This week, each resident of the Momence School District received "The One", a magazine featuring students, staff and programs  at Momence CUSD #1.  "We know we're doing amazing things at our schools, we see it everyday. This initiative allows us to show the community what we are doing. Especially those community members who do not have a student in school," said Superintendent Shannon Anderson. 

If you have not received your copy of the magazine you can access it at This will be a monthly venture, showcasing different students, staff and programs each issue. There is also a monthly podcast you can listen to on the website. This month the podcast features Momence CUSD #1 Superintendent, Shannon Anderson.